Our Story

The Origin Story

Tea Wisdom is a small artisan tea company built on age-old tea-blending traditions alongside  modern innovations. Founded by Klman Serbastian and Ineztine Serbastian in 2017, it is a family business that combines the art and love two families have for tea, spices, herbs and culture.
Klman grew up in Malaysia, but his roots go back to Tamil Nadu in Southern India where tea, spices, and herbs are used as first-line treatments before synthetic medicines. As a kid, Klman grew up drinking his mother’s fresh chai every Sunday after playing soccer in the field. His mother makes it in bulk to share it amoung his friends and family. It is best enjoyed after playing in a wet field he recalls. Chai and spices touches a soft spot in Klman’s heart as it is part of his precious childhood memories, contributing to his love and passion for combining tea, spices, and herbs to create amazing teas.
Ineztine grew up in Malaysia, but her roots go back to Kerala, Southern India and Gongdong, in mainland China, where tea is the stimulus to socialize and gather together with love. Inez grew up with family and friends gathering on a regular basis to “yam cha” which translates to “drink tea”. Tea, therefore, has always been a means of relaxation, experience, love, and enjoying the company of loved ones for Inez.
Today, Klman and Ineztine, and her family, all live in Perth, Australia where they continue to spread the love of tea and importance of sharing special moments with others while drinking tea.
Birth of Our Business: Tea Wisdom

The truth is that Tea Wisdom was spawned from coffee!
Before he became a tea-blender, Klman Serbastian worked in the coffee industry in Australia at a time when it was expanding exponentially. But while cafés were offering fabulous high quality coffee, they seemed to be stuck with low-grade tea products.
Remembering his childhood love of chai, Klman quickly realised there was a gap in the market for chai tea with honey. His café owner clients loved his products and wanted a bigger range – which lead to the addition of classic, premium, and herbal blends to the Tea Wisdom product range. Today, Klman does all the blending and packaging of Tea Wisdom products by hand, and he doesn’t intend to change this any time soon.